Turning negative to positive

A $200 return flight from Toronto to Winnipeg seemed incredibly affordable.

Thinking about family and friends I hadn’t visited in a while, I purchased the ticket.

A day before the trip, I checked in online, packed my backpack but forgot to include my passport.

On my way to the airport, I remembered my passport.

Had to go back home which took over an hour coupled with the rain and heavy traffic.

Racing in the rain and up the stairs to the 7th floor.

To save time, I took an uber to highway 58 but missed the airport route 407 because he lost concentration..

Got back on track only to drop me off at the wrong terminal, the airline was in terminal 3.

Raced to second floor, Jumped on the airport shuttle train in a minute I was in terminal 3.

This was the last flight for the day.

Got there just in time to meet the boarding gate security packing up and was like oh your flight left 15 minutes ago.

Feeling disappointed and sad I directed the negative energy into art.

Get motivated

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