Humans strive to acquire the whole world, cars, jets, beautiful homes and zillions of money.

You can have it all with determination.

What next after you have it all?

What do we do with our lives?

Remember God’s given gifts as life, happiness, time, intelligence and health.

How do we use these gifts?

Do we use our lives, time and knowledge for good?

Live accordingly by truth because on the last day of judgement, we’ll give accounts of our lives.

Earth is real, so is heaven and hell.

African Investment

Millions of young people leave Africa everyday seeking greener pastures.

Many die on the way as bones and flesh becomes manure.

Others end up in modern day human trafficking and slavery.

They either get rich or die trying.

Truth be told, the land is greenest in Africa.

The world envies Africa because of its diamond, gold and numerous natural resources.

The great African continent is a symbol of strength and wealth untapped.

Human and natural resources builds a nation.

However, bad leadership has failed Africa. An attribution to poor mentality.

Shifting attention from leadership to service to humanity goes a long way to self improvement.

Discover your passion and meaning of life will be purposefully achieved.

“Get rich or keep trying”

Stop xenophobia, human trafficking and slavery….All lives matter.

Turning negative to positive

A $200 return flight from Toronto to Winnipeg seemed incredibly affordable.

Thinking about family and friends I hadn’t visited in a while, I purchased the ticket.

A day before the trip, I checked in online, packed my backpack but forgot to include my passport.

On my way to the airport, I remembered my passport.

Had to go back home which took over an hour coupled with the rain and heavy traffic.

Racing in the rain and up the stairs to the 7th floor.

To save time, I took an uber to highway 58 but missed the airport route 407 because he lost concentration..

Got back on track only to drop me off at the wrong terminal, the airline was in terminal 3.

Raced to second floor, Jumped on the airport shuttle train in a minute I was in terminal 3.

This was the last flight for the day.

Got there just in time to meet the boarding gate security packing up and was like oh your flight left 15 minutes ago.

Feeling disappointed and sad I directed the negative energy into art.

Get motivated

Believe in yourself…

While growing up there were lots of natural fun activities for kids as painting, construction, cooking and practical live games…….

Kids unknowingly learn so much that will eventually become useful.

By SomA

The human brain is a soft tissue that absorbs everything.

In an era of video games and computer,

humans are drifting from basics of human existence.

Discover more and never stop learning

DIY Party Plan

Practice makes perfect

I started experimenting with food when I was 7 years old. With over 20 years experience in managing food, I can confidently claim planning you own party is fun and easy.

Four easy steps:

.Write a guest list

. List food Menu/Drinks

.Arrange/Decorate living or outdoor space

.Get Music/speakers

These easy steps serves as guide to becoming a DIY Party Planner.

Have you had crispy homemade pies before?